Triumphant Family Ministry


Provide strong, triumphant families with a Christ-Centered environment to consistently grow spiritually, emotionally and physically to the Glory of God. Through this process, we will promote and nurture families to build their faith to establish dynamic marital relationships as well as encourage and train young children and teenagers to make godly decisions.


To promote strong families by helping them:

  • Express appreciation to one another,
  • Structure their schedules to spend time together,
  • Commit themselves to their family and each other,
  • Engage in productive and caring conversation,
  • Value their faith as a source of purpose
  • Deal with a crisis in a positive, faith and hope-filled attitude 
  • Participate in Spiritual Relationship Enhancement Programs

To promote the life of faith in the home by helping families:

  • Engage in caring conversation from a faith perspective
  • Practice their faith in their daily routines and choices
  • Serve others together, especially those in need
  • Participate in daily family devotions involving Scripture, discussion, prayer and weekly bible study ministry.
Harvest Fest
Turkey Give-A-Way
Christmas Blessing

Men @ Triumphant
To build each man with purpose, faith, and gratitude to the Glory of God, by integrating these biblical values in the lives of TMOG, and setting the spiritual conditions to make excellent personal and professional decisions, thereby advancing increase in every area of life as well as the individuals they encounter.
The action plan for TMOG is threefold: develop a database to provide daily spiritual food for each man to act on the purpose and faith that God has for the believing man; and giving gratitude to God for every action within our lives.
Additionally by providing ten annual TMOG "power summits" where men can fellowship in praise and worship; and receive power packed teachings based on Proverbs 27:17, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." And one combined TMOG and TWOG summit that continues to empower male and female relationships to increase daily in all actions.
Monthly Gatherings
Outreach Ministry

Winning Women's Fellowship  (WWF)


To build each woman with purpose, faith, and prayer. We integrate Titus 2:4 in all that we do, as it is our mission through Christ to assist all women to be the best she can be in Christ. Through living biblical values Winning Women can set the spiritual conditions to make excellent personal and professional decisions, thereby advancing increase in every area of life as well as the individual we encounter.


Quarterly Fellowship Brunches

Outreach Outtings

Gathering with Our Sisters in the Lord throughout the Body at various Church Meetings



 Vessels of Clay (V.O.C.)

YOUTH MINISTRY IS AVAILABLE DURING EVERY WORSHIP SERVICE AND FELLOWSHIP! We're building children to know Christ and disciple others into His Kingdom! 

V.O.C.'s mission is to nurture and equip our youth in the values of a Christ-centered environment where each youth is victorious even into adulthood. Our objectives are to nurture and equip our youth in the biblical values of a Christ-Centered church and community environment.
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Objective: Nurture young people in God's grace by supporting them:
· To value their families,

· To value their congregations,

· To participate in their congregation's worship life,

· To develop healthy relationships with their family, friends, congregation, and neighborhood,

· To commune regularly with God through scripture and prayer,

· To reflect upon their lives and to make wise decisions in accordance with scripture,

· To understand and to live in God's grace,

· To tell the truth even when it is not easy,

· To accept and to take personal responsibility,

· To develop positive relationships without sexual involvement,

· To be able to resist negative peer pressure, dangerous situations, and the use of alcohol or other drugs,

· To have a sense of purpose in living,

· To be optimistic about their futures,

· To learn to comprehend the Scripture's understanding of life.

 Equip young people to Serve others in Christ's name by training them:

· To be responsible members of their family,

· To be responsible members of their congregation,

· To actively help other people,

· To act on their convictions and stand up for their beliefs,

· To have empathy, sensitivity, and friendship skills,

· To seek to resolve conflict non-violently,

· To live with integrity as persons who are known to believe in Jesus Christ,

· To share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others in a meaningful, caring way.



Youth Lock-Ins

Outreach Outtings

Weekly Youth Ministry (During the Worship Service)