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Pastor Jerry L. Robinson • Divorce/Remarriage
"An Exploration of the Spiritual Dimensions of African-American men who did not initiate a Divorce" described the finality of a relationship that often times can be destructive or constructive based on the divorce circumstances. The problem in this study investigated the spiritual dimensions of the non-initiator of divorce and examined some coping skills that were rooted in spirituality. At the same time, the nature and purpose of this study reviewed the dynamics of divorce from a general view as well as specific viewpoints, which entails the stories of 14 African-American men between the ages of 25-65 who did not initiate a divorce. As a result, a qualitative approach explored the meaning and understanding that participants ascribed to their experiences of divorce and the spiritual journey."
What methods do you use to be productive in your relationships? Do you depend on talk shows to help you with the day in and day out challenges of your encounters? Perhaps you take surveys to help you determine if you are on track? If you are ready to get out of the do-loop...